Laura Michaud founder of The Maine Square hand sewing a label into necktieAt The Maine Square we offer giftware and accessories that are designed and crafted in the USA. Since 2016 we have been crafting a variety of men's and women's accessories right in our own little studio in a small town called Veazie located in central Maine. Most recently, we have added a variety of accessories designed by our fellow makers who are working to build their own small businesses just like ours in the USA. We believe in supporting small businesses because they truly are the backbone in which America was build upon. At The Maine Square, we believe that joining forces with makers across the USA will keep small businesses alive and allow them to thrive! #SupportSmallBusinesses

We have done a lot of research in order to figure out what types of products you would like to see us carry at The Maine Square. One thing is for certain, you want a great selection of a variety of items, but you are passionate about them all being made in the USA. We are happy to hear that, because so are we.