The Maine Square

Capturing the essence of Maine life and style.

It all started on April 9th 2016 when The Maine Square was born. I wanted to teach myself how to sew, but I didn’t want to just practice my straight stitch on a random piece of fabric creating nothing. I wanted to construct something as I practiced, or at least try to. I have a strong passion for accessories since I feel that without them, your outfit has zero personality. I have always favored women’s fashion. But for some reason, all of a sudden I felt sorry for the men and their lack of options when it comes to accessorizing. There are so many choices out there for women. Why not give men something unique that they can feel happy accessorizing with too? It’s now over one year later and I can honestly say that The Maine Square is catching on. Men from all over the globe are now sporting pocket squares from The Maine Square. In August 2017, I began to produce bow ties as well as traditional neck ties. So now men can mix and match their accessories depending on how they feel.

I have recently succumbed to the fact that a lot of The Maine Square fan’s are women who want their men to step their look up a notch or two with a pocket square and/or bow tie. And a lot of women have said that they wish that they themselves could wear The Maine Square accessories. The good news is that women totally can! However, I felt that some women might enjoy a more feminine accessory to express their style with. The idea of The Maine Square Woman’s line came to me on July 11th, 2017. I wanted to stay with the square idea, so I began making women’s small square scarves. As a woman myself I know they really are tough to come by these days! Yet square scarves are such a classic accessory.

And last but certainly not least, every accessory from The Maine Square can be customized with your initials or an embroidered design of your choice. Don’t see what you like for fabric, pattern, or color choice on my website? Just use my online contact form and let me know what you are thinking. I will do my best to make your vision come to life! Have you ever heard of a better gift idea than The Maine Square. I haven’t.

I am looking forward to creating The Maine Square Pet and The Maine Square Home in the future!
— Laura Michaud, Creator of The Maine Square